Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Olympics

This week we have been learning slightly differently in Orange Class. We have had an ongoing project all week which has been 'The Olympics' to tie in with our topic of 'fighting fit.' At the beginning of the week, most of us were unsure of what this meant, but we have learnt a lot!

The children now know all about the Ancient Greeks and how the Olympic games used to be. We were shocked to find out that there were no photos or TVs back then! After asking more questions about this, the children said that they wanted to know more about what the Ancient Greeks did for entertainment, so expect to see some theatre masks next week and to perhaps hear some exciting myths.

We designed our own Greek pots which showed some of the old sports and even had a go at doing a few of these sports outside.  Ask your children about how strange long jump used to'll be surprised at the differences! At Hickling Barn we were able to try even more new sports too.

The children have written some adverts for the old Olympics on 'old' paper, which are in the classroom if you wish to have a read and even our maths has been Olympic themed! And finally, we used some clay and made our own Greek pots, which will be coming home tomorrow. I won't share the photos of the finished products as they are being shared in assembly tomorrow and I would hate to ruin the surprise, but have a look at us working hard to create them...

Have a fab weekend (:

Update - now that we have shown our pots in assembly, here are the painted versions. Well done all!

Monday, 10 July 2017


The children have been learning all about measurement over the past few weeks, including length, weight and volume. They have been using language to compare, such as 'heavier / lighter' 'full / empty' 'longer / shorter' and have had a go at some problem solving.

On Friday the children had a go at some cooking and used their knowledge of measurement in a real life situation. They had to weigh out flour and sugar and some children measured the amount of milk in cups, whilst others had a go at using millilitres.

Well done Orange Class - you worked very hard and I must make a fabulous pancake!

Friday, 23 June 2017

Outdoor Adventures

After sharing our super work in celebration assembly, we decided to follow our own advice and get fresh air and exercise outside in our wonderful wildlife area.  We even enjoyed a fresh fruit snack of apples and strawberries.

Some of us were keen to work on our tree climbing skills, whilst others enjoyed butterfly catching and pond dipping. Lots of us noticed how the wildlife area had changed since the last time we used it, including the beautiful water lilies flowering and the bright, red poppies.





Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Today the children have done some great problem solving to do with volume. They explored the problem...

'A taller container will always hold more liquid than a shorter one. True or false?'

To solve this problem, children had a go at measuring the amount of liquid that different sized containers held. Some of us measured this amount by counting the number of cups of water that fit inside the container, whilst a few of us began to use measuring jugs to get more accurate measurements in millilitres. We used cubes to help us keep track of how many cups we had put into our containers,

Now we have started talking about millilitres for measuring volume, perhaps you could have a look around the house to find objects which have this measurement on them? Perhaps you could even take a photo that we could add to the bottom of this blog...